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The fashion industry is in the forefront of the industry branch considered as the most polluting environment. A large part of the clothes we buy are delivered as waste to incinerators or landfills. Rising consumption contributes to the generation of more and more litter.
UPDIWU is a response to fast fashion, which generates gigantic amounts of waste. Thanks of this project, clothing which is used gets a second life by refreshing or completely dyeing it. UPDIWU offers upcycling for clothing, such as: pants, t-shirt, coat, dress, and also accessories such as footwear, hat, bag, towel and others.


Every day we generate post-production waste, which we use in further activities. Our goal is the maximum use of waste from which we prepare tags or hangers for clothing. Seemingly simple solutions contribute to reducing the amount of litter. We are constantly looking for new ways to extend the lifetime of all kinds of waste generated from our activities.

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